Dependable source of support and staffing partner

Seekout Online... is an organized staffing partner committed to head hunt true professionals.
Revolution in development is taking place so the need for true professionals will continue to increase.
Seekout Online... bridges the gap between true professionals and technology by tapping the right need. Our qualified proficient team having experience of more than two decades in relevant industries like Oil & Gas, Infrastructure, Telecom, Power, Offshore, Oil Exploration, Pipeline, Sub-sea Pipeline, Construction, Fertilizer, Fabrication, etc.
Our team are highly innovative having organizational abilities, strong leadership attributes, dedicated assiduous professionals helps in scrutinizing cv, short listing and interview the preliminary round in order to place the right candidate.
Seekout Online... has successfully placed CEO's, Executive Directors, Business Head, Engineering-Head, Head of Departments, Vice President, Group General Manager Engineering and Projects, General Manager, Joint General Manager, Assistant General Manager, AGM, Divisional Head, Construction, etc. and other middle level professionals to the above referred industry.
Our other division takes care of project package requirement in supplying labours from mechanical and civil discipline, to construction industry.
Seekout Online... is constantly learning understanding, changing and growing with time. A most modern mind-set company.
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